Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Einstellung ist alles.

Today I had a revelation, a triumph over negativity.

Lately I have had this attitude toward my life that it's overwhelming... difficult... and hard, to say the least. Sometimes I break down and lose all patience and wonder if I can manage to work through another day like this. I have known that I have needed an attitude adjustment for some time now, I just didn't know how.

Today as I was carrying the clothes to the laundry room, it hit me. Of course it's difficult... yes, I did sign up for it... and, here's the part that was new, I actually want it to be this way. How boring would it be to have it any other way? How else can I have a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day... week... month... year?

Who wants to look back at their life when it's all said and done and say, Boy that was easy!? Not me. I want difficulties, so I can learn from them. I want to make mistakes, so I can better myself. I want challenges, so I can learn to overcome them.

So I scream at the top of my lungs... BRING IT.

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